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Liz Morey

Sunny, the Sunshine Gumshoe (they/them)

LizMorey.carrd | @LizMoreySpeaks

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Briggon Snow

Strathcona, the Radio Drifter (he/him) | @BriggonSnow

Best known for voicing Caleb Michaels in the cult hit podcast THE BRIGHT SESSIONS and its spinoff THE COLLEGE TAPES, Briggon Snow has performed on a slue of fiction podcasts, including THE BIG LOOP, IN STRANGE WOODS, PASSENGER LIST, BRIDGEWATER and NETFLIX’s REBEL ROBIN: SURVIVING HAWKINS. Having guest written on a handful of shows, his debut as sole writer/creator was with 2021’s LOOK UP and ROOMMATES, the gay coming-of-age limited series about two boys and their parents’ return from a mission to Mars, and the pandemic-age college dorm friends to “more” micro-pod, respectively. Including screen credits on SEAL TEAM, GAME SHAKERS, and MASTERS OF SEX, and audiobook narration for Macmillan titles THE INFINITE NOISE and FIRST BECOME ASHES, Briggon continues to work in all parts of the industry as an actor, writer and producer with a love for storytelling; particularly when it comes to roles and projects that elevate the LGBTQ+ community.

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Danielle Bryn

Hawthorne, the Ex Park Warden (she/her) | @Dani_Bryn

“Mother of Dragons meets Gilmore Girls, but in a good way.” I’m Danielle: Nap Queen, Chocolate Chip Cookie Lover, Queer Creator, Body Activist, and Actor. Atlanta has been home since 2019. Recent voice credits include Cryptid Crew (Visual Novel and Sim, NPC), SunChemical 2021 Sustainability Campaign (Voice of Campaign), Stone Soup for the Adventuring Soul (Actual-Play, NPC) and Dragonfly (Poetry, Narrator). I am big on body diversity in the media. Kids and teens should be able to turn on the TV and see themselves. So, I put myself out there in the hopes that it helps someone chase their dreams. As a queer lady, I’m very proud to be a part of inclusive productions like Badlands Cola!

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Elvis Barkdale II

Dr. Gillespie, Paleontologist (he/him)


A portrait of a man with dark eyes and short black hair. He is wearing glasses and a black shirt. He is looking into the camera with a neutral, calm expression.

Ron Guan

Jasper Moon, the Shovel

RongVoice.Carrd | @RongVoice

Ron is a voice actor based out of Toronto, Canada. As a first generation Chinese immigrant from a very young age, he became a native English speaker by learning from stories. Be they from cartoons he watched, books he read, or games he played, he’s carried forward that love of storytelling into voice acting, and wishes to help bring your stories to life! Ron’s vocal range spans from mid-Baritone to mid-Tenor, and his tone can range from soft and airy to grainy and raspy. His voice can be heard in various animation, audio drama, and visual novel productions, with more unannounced projects to come throughout the year!

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Aryn Rozelle

(she/her) | @ArynRozelle

I’m a Chamorro American actor living in Northern California, and I’ve been in the industry for about 7 years. My most notable roles are Selene from edge of Eternity, Aryn Vance from Stardrop, and Tricksy from Cereal Killaz. I’ve also worked in film, stage, television, and improv. よろしくおねがいします!

A portrait of a man with dark eyes and dark hair. He is wearing a grey plaid button-up shirt over a red turtleneck. He gazes watchfully into the camera.

David J. Dixon

Nicholson, the Detective
(he/him) | @ShockDingo

David has been voice acting for over 16 years. He enjoys challenging projects and putting a new twist on old character types. He has appeared in indie games such as Dust: An Elysian Tail as Blop, Battle Chef Brigade as Thrash, Wargroove as Mercival and you can hear him on the podcast “How i Died” as Curtis.

A portrait of a man with brown eyes, short brown hair, and trimmed facial hair. He is wearing a grey flatcap, glasses, and a brown patched sweater. He is striking a pensive pose, staring off camera as if thinking.

Jason Larock

Cassidy, the Motel Owner

JsonLarock.Carrd | @J_SonLarock

Jason Larock is a trans voice actor from the East Coast United States working in indie video game development, podcasting, and live TTRPG and video gaming on Twitch. He’s an advocate for LGBTQIA+ led projects and hopes to be a part of the growth of LGBTQIA+ media in all its forms.

A portrait of a man with brown eyes and short black hair. He is wearing a black blazer over a blue hoodie, over a white dress shirt and tie. He looks warmly into the camera.

Dustin Vuong Nguyen

Dr. Levesque, Paleontologist
(he/him) | @dustinVnguyen

A portrait of a person with dark eyes and shoulder length dark curly hair. She is wearing a black shirt and smiling warmly at the camera.

Faye Holliday

Flo, the Diner Cashier

FayeHolliday.carrd | @HollidayVoices

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Ray O’Hare

Bob, the Store Owner


Ray has over 20 years of professional stage experience in the Boston area, and can be heard in video games, animation and audio dramas. Past jobs include toy demonstrator and graveyard tour guide. His favorite dinosaur is the Triceratops. Most important roles: Husband to Jamie and father to Robin.

A portrait of a man with grey eyes, brown hair, and trimmed facial hair. He is wearing a dark grey shirt, and smiles charismatically at the camera.

Giancarlo Herrera

Artists’ Representative
(he/him) | @gianster98

Giancarlo Herrera is a stage, film, and voice actor and sound designer who’s recent works include Clue: Onstage (Wadsworth), Caravan (Argeaux), Primordial Deep (Spinner), and more. He also produces and usually DMs on Dungeons & Drimbus improv comedy podcast where you can hear him rolling dice and cracking jokes every Friday. To see more check out

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Sarah Buchynski

Sound Designer, Mixer

Based out of Canada, Polarity Audio Works (PAW for short) are an audio-engineering service with a passion for everything sound.
Founded in 2014, they have worked with a variety of clients from the film, television, video games, literary audio and podcasting industry. This has helped them not only to demonstrate but also perfect their wide range of skills they offer as services.

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Renee Taylor Klint

Writer, Producer


Renee is a Canadian horror writer with a love for all things eldritch and Jurassic, tender and vicious. A game developer by trade, Renee’s first brush with audio drama was with The Triton Incident, and she hopes to see more video game audio drama in the future. Badlands Cola is her first major production.